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Event Bunting & Planning

Event Bunting

Events of all types are organised to primarily promote products, to potential customers, over the years marketing has changed and we strive to find more ways to attract new customers, especially when your event is a one day event, Its vitally important to stand out, event bunting is the ideal product to attract attention, you have total flexibility with your designs and artwork, we have the technical know how to produce almost anything, any shape and almost any size. Choose bunting to captive, sinter late you customers with eye catching design, promoting your product could not be easier.


Event planning

This should be started early, so put down on paper what promotional product / materials you are going to need on your stand, as we all have schedules, and things costs more for fast turnaround, this can be avoided if you get the planning right, the more time we have the cheaper it is for you, and this would be the same for other companies also, so planning is key.

Next, think about where you want your event bunting to be displayed, you want to attract attention, so placing it on the front of your stand is where you will get the most visibility, and most important get your message across as it’s the first thing you will see entering or passing your stand.

Once you have people on your stand make sure you have the products that you are promoting, available to see, touch & feel, as this is what they have come to see. Keep all your promotional materials to hand and have your message across all your literature, subliminal advertising is what we all register, and recall so if your product needs to be remembered say it and display it. Another good idea is to have coffee available with branded coffee cups; we work with Scyphus Ltd, which has been branding our cups for many of our customers, which also has product promotions on them, for more information www.scyphus.co.uk. Customers like to do this as they carry the coffee cups off the stand so they also get some free publicity as they act as mini billboards.

There are many ways to promote your stand and thinking outside the box is very important, there is no point turning up on the day and looking at other stands displaying event bunting and thinking why did we not do that, by then it’s too late, and it’s very frustrating to see these stand full of potential customers that you are missing out on, because you did not do your homework, or you left it too late, even with our 72 hours event bunting turnaround time, so as you can see planning is what gets good results.

Key Items to have on your stand

• Bespoke Event Bunting
• Branded Coffee Cups
• Good Brand Of Coffee
• Branded Good Promotional Material
• Smart Appearance
• Knowledgeable Staff, with friendly approach 
• Good supply of samples if applicable 
• Branded Carrier Bags

We at the Absolute Bunting Company have a wealth of experience in displaying and manufacturing Event bunting, so we can advise on all aspects, from design to quantities required, taking some of the headache away as we know how stressful organising event can be.

We won many contracts through our compelling design and helpful advice, call us today for your next event.