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Bunting for Special Days and EventsTalking about colour, bunting is a word that has been used since time immemorial, mostly referring to artistic work made of different material. This also includes materials that are linked together in shapes to create your desired  works of art that, usually hung around places where events are held, a technique referred to as 'bunting'.The term 'bunting' seems to have quickly evolved, as it was often used by workers at sea, referred to as 'bunts', and they were responsible for raising flags, a term still in use today.

There are many valuable aspects that are related to this artistic work of bunting which I will list below, but then again the list is endless. 

1. VARIETY.- An important aspect with bunting would be the fact that it can be used for different occasions, and not necessarily associated with one event. Bunting is great for weddings, cocktail parties, birthday parties, other outdoor events like football tournaments, and the list continues. Variety also comes in when selecting the colours and materials to use as well as patterns and motifs of course keeping in mind the specific event at hand. This means that bunting can be customized to suit individual needs.

2. AFFORDABILITY.- The cost of bunting is fairly cheap. We at Scyphus Bunting, our company based in the United Kingdom, and so far having thrived in the bunting business due to our expertise and good customer relations can attest to this fact. Our company also engages in reliable packing and delivery services therefore leaving you, the client, as satisfied as possible. This means that the hassle of extra charges in looking for as well as paying for delivery services is lifted off your shoulders.This also depicts job effectiveness from us since you are assured that the goods will not only be delivered in good time but also in good condition and ready for use when you need them.

3. CREATIVITY. - Bunting is all about creativity. Since bunting is all about colour, this means that it enhances creativity.
Our company, Scyphus Bunting stands out in terms of its services, we encourages our clients to actually bring their ideas which are then incorporated in the designs. 
Flags which are also part of the company's products are designed in different shapes and sizes, and this enhances creativity.

Are you aware that these items made by bunting can be used over and over again? our outdoor bunting can be wiped clean then used again? Talking about cutting costs!

Scyphus Bunting 

Scyphus, is a company that has been providing bunting & flags for businesses and the public for all aspects of advertising & personal events. With our leaders being heavily involved in the day to day running of the business, the company has never seen better times. This has also enhanced quality & service.

Our company also boasts of dedicated staff who have endeavoured to keep Scyphus Bunting manufacturing to be rated among the best in service and delivery as well as quality manufacturing. The term 'the best always give the best' can easily be associated with our dedicated staff and of course the leaders being at the forefront of this.

Apart from engaging in the core business, bunting, we also like to help in charity fun run events, street parties and other events that not only promote charity work but also encourages solidarity in a bid to bring neighbourhoods together. The charity events we engage in also go a long way in our corporate social responsibility activities, a core virtue in business.

special days and events