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Stock Bunting Flags and Penants

Decorative Bunting

Stock Bunting FlagsBestselling Decorative Bunting Designs in a range of Colours and Sizes

Give your celebrations and promotions a colourful edge with our range of stock buntings. Choose among the most popular colour combos.

Multicoloured bunting 
Union Jack Bunting and flags 
Bunting in the red white and blue combination.



Decoratiove Bunting Specifications

•Materials: PVC (vibrant, durable and reusable), nylon (flexible, low noise fabric) and polythene (low price material). Top grade plastic is used for the poles.
•Sizes: Standard size is 200 x 300 mm.
•Lengths: We sew 24 flags over the length of 10 m. We charge no additional cost for lengths of your choice.
•Shapes: Triangular and rectangular
•Quality output with accuracy in size and shape and perfect finishing.
•Strong and double stitching for long-term use.
•Easy to fold and store.
•Good for indoor and outdoor use.

Decorative Bunting Uses:

Our decorative buntings are ideally used for the following:-

•Street banner poles
•Schools and Colleges.
•Sport events
•Towns and cities
•Boat shows
•Perfect for attracting attention on shops
•Grand openings
•Trade shows!
•Parties/social events
•Company meetings
•Sporting Events, World Cups, Olympics


•6″ x 8″
•8″ x 12″
•12″ x 18″
•Custom sizes are available upon request.
•Single sided and double sided prints are available.
•Gap between 2 flags normally 10cm (option is yours).
•Reinforced header rope.

stock bunting