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Multi product Companies need to promote their Comapany name more often than they thought

It is nothing new, it's been like this for years, rather stress on individual products is new, companies with a strong image built over the years, do not just promote their brands, they are themselves a brand, an image that evokes strong emotions of pride, association, quality and at times even nationalism.

You know its Apple when you see that Apple, it ccould be anything from an iPod to the latest Apple Watch, you are mostly definitively sure that it's an awesome product, prices not withstanding, because its Apple.

In FMCG world too, the large kingdoms often press it to you that they are important, so important that you alway knew the Unilever logo, even if you can't remember when you saw it last.

Yes, you see Vaseline, you use Sunsilk, you love Dove, but you know Unilever too, never used Unilever, it's not a thing, it's the trust behind all those products you use, and it is thus not surprising that when you are going to pick up some regular black liquor tea off the shelf, you might pickup Lipton when you see that U on the package. Yes your soap and shampoo helps you decide on your tea.

That is power of a powerful Brand Name and here brand name doesn't mean a brand of products of a Company, we are talking of the Company itself. It builds trust, it tells you that since its as big as a centuries old banyan tree with its prop roots so deep and wide spread, that it will be there when you need it, it won't dissapear on you, to put it more succinctly, they an't possibly sell you trash and escape.

That's the power of a corporate identity, a company name that in itself is a brand.

Why all this dancing around the tree?

Yes, it is important. and that is why we all should follow the examples, however small or big we are, maybe we have only a few products and people know us by the products more, it is always wise to invest a little in building a company name, making people acquainted with the company logo, because maybe today your products are individually doing well, it'd be immensely useful when you are planning to launch a new product tomorrow, a product that you can't logically associate with your other products.

For example say you are a local manufacturer of Open Hearth Inserts or Cast Iron Wood Pellet Stoves, and tomorrow from the same factory you plan to invest into manufacturing hydrant covers, you find yourself in a position where neither are the target market same nor or the products any way similar.

Just think, if over the years you have invested in promoting your company along with the products, it would have taken you just a launch of your new product with your company name to vouch for it.


Go for it, start with Flags and Bunting

Yes, do not waste anymore time, go for it, start with Hand Waving Flags and Bunting Flags and then go for all possible micro branding methods like paper cups, none of these cost much but can have a great impact on your public presence over the years. A little investment now will reap great dividends in the future, we at Scyphus, we do this for years and we know.

Order custom hand waving flags with your logo and company name on them, and use every opportunity you see to distribute them, make good public presence for them, as much as possible.

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