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Bunting Flags for Special Days and Events : What are Bunting Flags for Special Events?

Bespoke Bunting for Special EventsWhen you plan a special event, whether large or small, you want to raise the bar on decorations. First impressions do matter, and bunting flags made for this  special event is the perfect way to take your guests breath away.

Imagine entering a special event with nothing spectacular to see. No attractive event bunting flags, boring decor, little excitement. How long do you want to stay? Do you want to participate in the event or contribute to the cause? No, a quiet nap might be more exciting. But, when you decorate with bunting flags made for this special event, your venue comes to life! Colors, designs, and logos all grabbing your guests' attention and setting the party atmosphere.


Bunting Flags for Special Events: Stock or Bespoke, Your Choice

For decorating a special event, bunting flags are the traditional choice of many organisations and businesses. Because bunting highlights the festiveness of the event or cause, participants and sponsors take notice instantly. 

The Absolute Bunting Company offers you a wide range of Bunting Flags  to choose from. You can choose from the variety of stock buntings we offer, or select our bespoke event bunting service for more specialised needs. Whichever you choose, you'll have a selection of shapes, sizes, and colours. With bespoke service, you can completely personalise the bunting flags for your special event to match your organization's logo or your event's purpose.


Bunting Flags for Special Events: What Brings You to Us

Somewhere in your event planning, you'll realise that you must have bunting. You may thought of it early in the planning process (lucky you!) or you may have realised it close to the deadline. Either way, we are here to help make it easy.

We provide a team of experts to ensure that our bunting flag is ready for your special occasion - on time, and to order. Should you realize that personalised bunting is the need, no reason to panic, our expert bespoke talent and production teams are ready and waiting with the solutions and products you need.


Bunting Flags for Special Events: The Science of Visual Stimuli

Studies have shown that visual stimuli is important for many people in memory and learning. That's one important reason to make sure you have the correct decor for your special event. Bunting flag for special event gives a punch of visual stimuli.

But, selecting the proper colours, layouts, and designs can mean the difference between making a strong, positive impression and becoming a vague memory. Our talent team is skilled to assist you in creating and choosing the appropriate special event bunting to set the tone and mood you want for your event. Your visual impression will be remembered long after your event is over.


Bunting Flags for Special Events: Your Celebration, Our Perfect Product

Whether bunting flag for your special event needs to be sunny and festive, or serious and professional, we can meet that specific need. We offer a selection of stock special event bunting flags, and the option of bespoke bunting, to ensure that your specific need is met.

What kind of event are you planning? Is it personal or business? Is it a party atmosphere or professional? Will it be outdoors or indoors? These are some of the questions to ask yourself when you being to plan the decor.

Some of the personal, party special events that bunting is perfect for include:

* Wedding Events: Engagement Parties, Showers, Anniversaries, and Wedding Receptions

* Divorce and Break-up Celebrations

* Congratulatory Events: Graduation, First Job, New Job, Promotion, and Retirement

* Welcoming Events: Welcome Home, Baby Shower, New Baby Arrival, and Baptism/Christening

* Home Decorations: Housewarming, Holiday Parties, Baby's or Child's Room, Game Room

* Birthdays and Milestones: 1st Birthday, Sweet 16, Over 40, 100th birthday


Some of the professional, corporate special events include:


* Business Promotions: Product Launch, Branding, Sales, Grand Openings, Clearance/Close Down Sales

* Real Estate Promotions: Open Houses, Property Showings

* Corporate Events: Retreats, Parties, Picnics

* Government Events: Election and Political Events, Holiday Festivities, Fairs and Exhibitions, Traffic Direction and Detour Signage, Races and Sporting Events

* Charitable Events: Races, Auctions, Fundraisers


To add to the atmosphere of celebration, Absolute Bunting also manufactures and designs festive hand-waving flags in convenient packs to suit your quantity needs. Get your crowd into the spirit and action by providing hand flags to all participants.

We also provide combination convenience packs. For example, one pack comes with 25 hand-waving flags and 4 buntings. Purchase multiples for greater value and impact.

Bunting Flags for Special Events: Products and Services that Meet Your Individual and Group Needs

When you have a large event to plan, you don't want to be just another order in a stack of forms. You want to make sure that someone is listening to your needs and helping you plan. Nothing but the best customer service is acceptable under the circumstances. That's why the Absolute Bunting Company is the preferred special event bunting provider of individuals and companies, small and large.

In addition to our high quality stock and bespoke special event bunting flags, we offer: 

* Dedicated and personal special event bunting support and planning for your important events.

* Consultation and brainstorming to ensure your needs are met for your event type and venue

* In-house talent and design team to create your custom artwork

* Freedom to order quantity as needed. No minimum or maximum quantities required to order.

* Discounted pricing for charitable special event bunting (with documentation of a valid registration number)

* Ability to meet the tightest deadlines with a quality product.

* Fast delivery, with options for standard, premium, or express shipping.


We want to build long-lasting, return customers when possible. If you're satisfied with our first product and service, you'll return again and again. 


Bunting Flags for Special Events: UK Owned Company and Products

Bunting is a traditional celebratory decoration of the British culture. Made in the UK, the Absolute Bunting Company supplies special event bunting products throughout Europe and the UK.

We stand proudly behind the quality of our products, By purchasing bunting flags for your special event from our UK owned and operated company, you support the economy and workers of Britain.

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