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Bespoke Bunting as promotional banners

Bunting Flags have grown beyond national and personal event decorations

Bespoke Bunting Flags for Product PromotionBunting flags have indeed grown beyond decorations,they are fast replacing wall posters, framed free standing displays to some extent, well nothing is exactly a replacement of another form of marketing, it can be better explained as a better distribution of focus.

After all, in an open mall, store or car dealership or any other open or closed space you are trying to lure your customers into, there is only a certain number of standing posters, cut outs and large hanging banners you can use, before you start getting complaints of claustrophobia, trip and fall accidents, unnreachable shelves or gross visual pollution.

But you still know that given the fast shifting public attention, you need more red cloth than a whole set of matador and his picadors need to evoke the wrath of a bull ( we shouldn't ideally make this an example, animal cruelty is not what we mean to express here ), you need more repeatations of your highlights, your star product, your brand name and everything that needs attention.

Bunting Flags to the rescue

Blue and White Bunting for Curves Product PromotionBuntings might be traditionally British but they have now gone a makeover and the modern versions are not just pennants, they can be anything of any shape and size, made possible by ultra light synthetoc papers that can endure outdoor weather and last longer than fabric or paper bunting flags.

Many customers now order bunting flags printed with sale and discount offers, brand logo and even at times their entire product packaging graphic.

In fact for many we interviewed these bunting flags are a better, lighter, easier, space saver and less visual pollution option, they do not occupy floor or wall space, they do not need to be placed strategically near the POS or along the path to the racks or objects you want the customer to be guided to, they are numerous yet small and thus not blocking your view of anything completely or for a larger continuity, they are a win-win for them.

More control and spread while still being clandestine

You get to show what you want to show, you get to stress the exact same offer you would have mentioned over 10 posters and 20 standalone displays, but you get to do that a thousand more times than that and yet not irritate the customer, you can stress it right from that parking entry booth to the parking lot and then keep showing them the same offers and brands you want to show them so eagerly and yet not look eager and still keep your floors and walls and sky clean.

These days, Scyphus being a leading Paper Cup Manufacturer, we are often getting requests to print the same graphics on cups and bunting flags in the same order, people are using these micr format advertising platforms to the best it seems.

So, do not wait, talk to us and increase your ROI quick and easy at lower costs and headaches than any other method you have been using till date.

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